"Who Am I? Seek the Truth. When you find the root answer you will find peace."


MukeshAnand Every individual is blessed with an infinite stream of divine love, bliss and peace always flowing from one’s heart or inner guru. However, the heart has often grown rigid due to frustrations caused by karma, psychological patterns and personal weaknesses. As a result, the love and bliss are not experienced. The rigidness of the heart increases day by day and sadness and indifference fill the inner being. Even when we know this, we still do not have the power to change it. Restlessness and tension fill our life; and yet we could experience eternal love, bliss and peace in every moment through the grace of silent energy.

Purity exists wherever love and bliss are present. What can we do to attain this state of blissfulness? Where is the spiritual heart located? How do we fill the heart through good karmas? How do we live in a state of continuous peace and love? The path is silence. Silence will guide us to the source of infinite, pure energy. Silence will connect us to our inner guru. Through silent energy, the seeker can experience infinite and divine love, bliss and peace. This state is so powerful that once entered, nobody wants to withdraw from it.

The seeker who desires to remove negative karma and personal weakness from one’s being, needs to first find inner stillness. Silent energy will purify and soften the heart. However, the grace of silent energy is not possible without purity in life. As purity increases, so does inner peace.

I sit with the student and through silent energy open his/her heart, so that they may also experience this energy. This process naturally paves the path of meditation. Continuously stay connected with your heat and listen to your inner voice. This will lead to a blissful and peaceful life. Your soul is your only true guru. There is a lot to learn everywhere you go, but never forget that your true guru is always with you. This realization is possible through silent energy.